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  • Wow! Such a range! So impressive. Fresh bright eyed fish. Never have I seen such an extensive range of beautiful seafood!

  • I've been to several seafood markets since I started cooking a lot (about 2 years ago or so!) and I've never really found one that has a broad enough selection, as well as more niche options. I'm quite happy to say that Tasman Star has solved this problem, however, as their range is extremely diverse and incredibly abundant!On top of that, after speaking to 3 of the staff while I was there, I'd have to say that they're some of the friendliest people I've ever met! Very chatty, very knowledgeable and very happy to speak with you.I'll definitely be returning!P.S., for any of the staff that see this; I was the guy with the eyepatch!

    • Fresh food·
    • Convenient location·
    • Knowledgeable staff·
    • Great selection

    Lochlan Bambach 

  • Picked up an amazing selection of seafood here for New Years Eve while on holidays at the GC! Great service, huge range and sensational quality!

    • Great selection

    Lisa. H

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